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09 October 2018 – ImageTyperz offers high quality decaptcha and bypass captcha service. This expert team is ready to bypass any type of captcha, providing the right captcha just for 0.001$ in just few seconds.

All the regular internet users exactly know what captcha is. Captcha is a challenge-response test, where one party asks some particular question, while the other is expected to provide an adequate answer or response on the asked question. This test is essential for authentication, when the security system of a website strives to distinguish whether there’s a human being or a robot. Thus, to be able to go to the next step, we need to place a check mark in the space, confirming “I’m not a robot”.

Nowadays captchas are used by many different websites, where you leave a comment, create an account or simply login. They protect the websites and blogs from fake accounts or automated comments and spams, intended to boost search engine ranking of other websites be means posting a plethora of links. This test helps to make sure that only the real users are taking advantage of a particular site or blog. In such a way, almost all free online services are protected by captcha, preventing the abuse that comes from automated scripts.

Still, if you deal with internet promotion, while making use of the most powerful SEO methods, which imply the distribution of links, related comments and posts, you would need to get a captcha solver, which will allow you being identified as a real user and authorized for further steps. Under these circumstances, you can employ an automotive captcha solving program or rely on the professional team of ImageTyperz, the efficiency of which is much higher than by any captcha solving program. In addition, you can get a recaptcha solver from ImageTyperz to be able to prevent being blocked visiting those site, which are provided with recaptcha, and so, letting just welcome users.

About ImageTyperz:

ImageTyperz is a reliable captcha bypass service provider, operating in this field since 2010. This professional team consists of youthful and enthusiastic learning developers, who are all skilled in PHP/JavaScript/C/C++/C#/Perl/ programming and are knowledgeable in system side and server side. These experts are able to provide their clients with the accurate captchas within 10 seconds at the cheapest price on market. Visiting, it’s possible to get the required customer support, which is available 24X7.



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