5 Growth Hacks to Increase Followers on Instagram

22 November 2018 – Medium has posted an article in which there is a description of five important tips on how anyone can increase followers on Instagram.

Instagram is the latest trend in social media. Everyday more and more people are using it to share photos, videos and experience. Unlike other social media apps, Instagram has seen an explosion of users, especially among the younger generation. There are many theories why Instagram has seen such an increase of users. One theory states that younger people have tried to find a alternative to Facebook, where they could share photos and videos without their parents to know. In the beginning, it was like a refuge, and today is become the most popular social app for generation Z as well as millennials. For reasons like this, it is very important for your public account or business to be active and popular on Instagram. Moreover, it is imperative to have followers on Instagram, because they will share or like your posts, which will increase their visibility. But how can you increase Instagram Followers?

Medium, an online publishing platform has posted an article about the best 5 hacks to increase followers on Instagram. First of all, you need to use the tagging function. You would be surprised how helpful they can become to reach more people, because sometimes people are following a hashtag or location, and even if they never heard about your profile, your posts will appear on their news feed. Another tip is to focus on regrams, which are Instagram posts that have reposted by other users. Also, diversify your hashtag selection. Have you ever used the search function on Instagram? You have probably noticed that you can search by hashtags, geotags or usernames, hence more hashtags you have, and more varied, your posts will appear in more searches. Moreover, when you post something, do not be afraid to add a geotag. For example, if you are organizing an event, or if you visit a local place, it is better to geotag the. For more information on these tips, go to Medium website and read the article.

Instagram is a simple but very effective way to reach more customers or make your own account profile.

About Medium:
Medium is an online publishing platform, where amateur and professional writers can make their articles known by a larger audience. In one article, an author describes how can Increase Instagram Followers.



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