Fast and Quality Data Recovery UK

Warrington, United Kingdom – 22 November 2018 – Data Clinic Ltd offers top quality data recovery and hard drive repair services, providing the fastest recovery of your data from broken and damaged hard disc drives. These specialists are ready to deliver their services to individuals, businesses, schools, colleges, universities, authors, photographers, super models, celebrities along with other clients, who really value their data, whether it comes to docs, pictures, images or videos.

Losing our data, which is a great part of our job or perhaps a great asset to us personally, is always painful and stressful. In most cases, when we lose some important files, we lose a part of our work or life along with the invested time and efforts, feelings and impressions, ideas and memories. This is why, being confronted with such unfavorable conditions, it’s of great importance to find a perfect method to recover deleted data, which can be damaged, lost or stolen files and folders, while taking advantage of the powerful UK data recovery services.

There’s no need to panic, if you’re subjected to an emergency situation and can’t access your date. You just need to apply for the powerful Data Clinic services, getting professional assistance from the team of hard drive gurus, who’ll be able to locate the problem within a few minutes and repair the hard drive, recovering the needed files and folders.

This dedicated specialist RAID recovery team is a single one that deals with data recovery UK, being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Possessing a vast experience, which involves more than 12 years in recovering critical data, Clinic Data delivers the fastest and safest hard drive data recovery.

Knowing about exceptional hard drive recovery services, available from Clinic Data, you can be sure that these specialists will be able to recover your files and folders, whether it comes to your PC, laptop, notebook, desktop or perhaps portable external USB hard drive, informing you about the existing problem and how it can be solved.

About Data Clinic Ltd:

Data Clinic Ltd is the largest data recovery company in UK, based in 2002 by Chris Seeley. It incorporates 8 highly knowledgeable and skillful technicians, who specialize in retrieving the data from all types of hard drive and phone storage media. This company offers exceptional data recovery services that are reasonably priced. Data Clinic supports the charity Mustard Tree to support homeless and those in poverty.



Company Name: Data Clinic Ltd

Address: James House, Stonecross Business Park, Yew Tree Way, Warrington WA3 3JD


Phone: 0871 977 2525