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Hong Kong, China – 26 November 2018 – FloSty presents a magnificent collection of diamond painting kits, including such popular themes as Christmas, Cat & Kitty, Dog & Pappy, Animals, Birds & Insects, Flower & Paint, Bedazzled Diamond Painting, Blackboard Series, Halloween, Painting & Artwork, Religious & Fairy, Sports and New Collections, which are available at affordable price. Now FloSty offers a perfect chance to make your own paint, which can be made from your own photo, your family photo, or perhaps your pet photo in a chosen size.

Diamond painting is one of the most fascinating and involving activities, which can take you away from the daily troubles, allowing to relax and invest your time in something really beautiful, which will unquestionably delight your eye, while making you really proud of your craft. In spite of the fact that diamond painting has nothing with painting actual diamonds, which seems to be as senseless as incredibly expensive, this craft appears to be a scrupulous one. Diamond painting is a painting by numbers using tiny sparkling pieces that imitate diamonds to create stunning compositions and pictures. This is why, those crafters, who choose diamond painting, enjoy both the process of painting and the results of their spider work.

FloSty is the right destination to order diamond painting kits. This web store comes with a large selection of diamond painting styles along with other products that will provide you with an ideal opportunity to try your hand at paint with diamonds and also to embellish your home making use of eye-catching items. In addition, 5d diamond painting can be used as an excellent gift to someone you love, as now you can submit a photo and get a full-fledged kit to make a beautiful diamond portrait.

Painting with diamonds is something really extraordinary, allowing everyone to feel like the real artist as well as to leave it in the air, gaining meditative benefits. Taking this fact into account, FloSty provides the best products, available in different styles to meet tastes and preferences of all the customers.

About FloSty:

FloSty is an online store, dedicated to diamond painting. This spot is the best one to acquire everything to start painting with diamonds, investing in high quality products, which are produced with the usage of the most innovative technologies and aesthetics. This site provides an exceptional customer support, making it possible for every customer to get the desired products and also to order custom-made items.



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