Download ShowBox apk for Android

27 November 2018 – With ShowBox you have access to thousands of movies and TV shows directly on your phone for free.

Smartphone revolution has reached all the countries in the world. Today, smartphones are more common than desktop computers or laptops. This means that all of us have a small computer in our pockets, that we can use for almost any automated task. We use it to communicate, to browse the internet and even to watch movies. To watch a video on a smartphone, you have a few options. You can download it on a computer and then transfer the file to the mobile storage, or you can stream directly on your phone. Unfortunately, video streaming services are not cheap, and you will have to get a monthly subscription, which can burn through your wallet. Furthermore, many videos are only available of specific video streaming services, hence, if you want to have access to a larger collection of movies, you will need to subscribe to multiple services, which will increase the money you are paying on a monthly basis. This is where ShoBox comes into play.

ShowBox is an app for Android OS, that can be installed on any phone, tablet, or over devices that runs on Android from Google ShowBos offers user to thousands of titles, from movies to TV shows. Everything is streamed in high-quality, and you do not have to pay a dime. This is possible because the servers are located mainly in South Korea. If you wonder if this is legal, we can assure that you will not have any problems using the app. To make the service safer and faster, ShowBox uses an in-app VPN. The titles are categorized into different lists, according to the official rating from IMDB, RottenTomatoes. Also, if you want to watch movies with a particular actor or actress, you will be glad to know that you can filter the search results by the cast profile, or even the date when the movies were released. To download the ShowBox, you need to find the apk file, and copy it on your mobile devices. Once you have it, you open it, and allow it to install. You must not worry about the unsafe message you get from Android, this happens because you install the app outside the official Play Market.  

Install ShowBox on your Android device and enjoy the largest collection of movie titles.

About ShowBox:
ShowBox is an app for Android OS, that allows the users to stream movies and TV shows directly on the mobile devices.


Company: ShowBox
Contact Name: Mr Smith
Address:  New York, USA.