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21th December 2018 - PharmaCom store provides a great opportunity for those seeking for Cabaser to buy it for a cheap price. If you are yet not convinced about the PharmaCom worthiness, then you are more than welcome to explore the many useful info about the drugs and medicines provided out there in the following paragraphs. What is Cabaser and why should you take into consideration namely the PharmaCom online drug store, find hereby.


Cabergoline (Cabaser) - a drug in pills that suppresses the secretion of prolactin (female hormones). Strengthens libido and erection in men, contributes to increased sexual intercourse and lowers blood pressure. Caperoglin can significantly reduce the effects of steroids (Nandrolotone and Trenbolone), so that it is often included in post-course therapy. The tool is a safe analogue of bromocriptine. Cabaser is well known to bodybuilding fans, because you can buy it in sportpit stores since 1980. The main effect of Caberoglin is achieved by the activation of dopamine receptors, which are located on the lactotrophic cells of the pituitary gland. If it is easier to explain, after taking the drug, dopamine synthesis is accelerated and production of prolactin is slowed down, which causes a number of unpleasant effects: an increase in the mammary glands (gynecomastia), hormonal disorders, impotence and male infertility.


If you want to normalize sex life and neutralize the effects of steroids, take advantage of the achievements of sports pharmacology. This will preserve men’s health. Within three hours after taking Kaberglin lowered the level of prolactin. The duration of the effect is from one week to a month, but when taking steroid and anabolic drugs you need to coordinate the dosage with your doctor. In bodybuilding, the remedy is often used to suppress the side effects of progressive steroids. Caberoglin is prescribed in conjunction with taking anabolic drugs. It should start with the second week of the ACC course (during the maximum concentration of anabolic steroids) with 0.25 mg once every four days (0.5 mg once a week). Continue the use of the drug should be 2-3 weeks after taking steroids.


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