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20 December 2018 – ReviewBot is a tool that help you get notifications on reviews from different platforms, such as Google Play or Yelp.

 Every company or small business must have online accounts on different platforms, such as Yelp, Google or Facebook. Even the business has a website, they must create social media profiles, because this is one of the greatest way to advertise. Furthermore, if you offer a good service or sell a great product, people will share their experience among their friends, and that is how you will increase the pool of potential customers. However, because there are so many social media websites, it is hard to keep track of all the reviews for your business, even if you have a whole department of people checking for new reviews and answering them. Fortunately, there is a great tool that can help you get notifications whenever someone posts a review or questions. This will help you take action after each review or answer important questions from your customers.

The tool is called ReviewBot, and it is used by large corporations such as Microsoft, Sony or CBS as well as by small and medium enterprises. If your have an app on the app store, you can get app store review notifications live or a status report at a specific time period. Furthermore, using ReviewBot to get app store reviews in slack or google play review notifications, you will not need any other software, because in the package offered by ReviewBot you will get everything you need. In case a review was written in other language than one you understand, you will enjoy the automatic translation of the review. The reports provided by ReviewBot will be easy to understand, so that you can take most of the information to use for future improvement. You can choose to get daily, weekly or monthly reports, depending on how much google play reviews in slack. Another awesome picture of ReviewBot is the ability to track competitors reviews and rating. This could help you improve your app by bringing features that your competition is missing. You can automate answer to yelp review notifications using the chrome plugin.

Thousands of companies using ReviewBot to streamline the reviews from different platforms. Join them today to know what your customers are saying.

About ReviewBot:
ReviewBot provides the necessary packages to get live notifications about the reviews that are added on different platforms.


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