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On their official page, you can find descriptions of drugs from all over the world, however today we are going to stop out attention on Proviron, which is a non-steroid medical drug used in bodybuilding to increase the effects of anabolic steroids. The active ingredient and the active ingredient of this drug is "mesterolone", which is also sometimes called "masterolon". It is known under the trademarks Mesterolone, Provimed (Balkan) and others. By itself, Proviron is designed to solve problems with a weak erection, which in a certain sense makes it possible to classify it as a stimulant of potency. This effect is due to its moderate androgenic activity. Proviron can be successfully used in courses of progestin steroids that reduce libido and sexual activity.


Why is it so good Proviron? It improves the overall return on anabolic steroids by reducing the activity of SHBG globulin (SHGB), increases the flow of free testosterone into the bloodstream, is characterized by minor anti-estrogenic effects (which become more pronounced in combination with Winstrol), stabilizes the balance of anabolic and androgenic hormones in the body of an athlete due to which improved erectile function and sexual activity in general, it also normalizes sperm production (spermatogenesis). As well, it increases muscle density and hardness, eliminates the problem of reduced libido on the course of the Deka and Trenbolons, and of course it does not apply to anabolic steroids. Proviron is often used in conjunction with anabolic steroids (during the course). However, it is acceptable to take it separately from them. It should be noted that Proviron is not suitable at all for the goals and objectives of post-course therapy and does not contribute to the restoration of natural testosterone secretion. Therefore, it does NOT replace not only aromatase blockers (Anastrozole, etc.), but also Tamoxifen and Clomid.


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