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If your goal is to increase the muscle mass, then you have to do lots of work. The most obvious one is exercise; however, exercise is not on the bottom of the pyramid. More importantly is your genetics, which unfortunately it is not possible to change, at least for now. Next, on the same step of importance is diet with exercise. A diet with a large intake of protein is important, because the muscle tissues are mainly composed of proteins, which are broken down in the guts to amino acids and transported through the bloodstream directly to muscle cells. Anaerobic exercise will induce the formation of an increased blood supply in the muscle, which will increase the catabolism. However, these are sometimes not enough, because it all relies on genetics, and we cannot change that just yet. In more muscular men, there is a higher level of masculine hormones, such as testosterone. For more than half of a century, scientists have been able to synthetize anabolic steroids in the lab, that have a similar effect of testosterone. Some of these drugs have been tailored just to provoke the effect of muscle grow. One of this drug is anadrol, which was introduced on the market in the ‘60s.

Anadrol is an anabolic steroid that can work wonders for anyone. It is highly effective and has proven being safe, hence it received its approval from FDA. Though primarily meant for the treatment of anemia and osteoporosis, Anadrol stimulates muscles growth, making it a rare find for anyone looking to improve their athletic capabilities. Since it is on the market for more than half of a century, it has been tested and all the effects as well as adverse effects are known. Anadrol has a strong anabolic effect, but also a weak androgenic one, which makes it very attractive for people who want just to increase their muscular mass. Having less androgenic effects also reduces the side effects of masculinization, such as acne or increased hair growth. If you want to buy Anadrol, then PharmaComStore is your best option. This online drug store specializes in selling products for bodybuilders and athletes that are not easily available anywhere else in the US.

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