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27th December 2018 - Sara Life’s Help 2019 provides really nice and helpful information for people in need from Malaysia. How do people live in Malaysia? This question is important for every person and for researchers studying the most diverse aspects of society. The most important source of information allowing to answer this question in relation to the entire population of the country is the general population census. Social assistance for livelihoods is provided only after the submission of the application and for a limited period. The right to receive payments is made by persons aged 15 years and until they reach the retirement age (2012: 65 years and one month; 2013: 65 years and two months) who are able to work and need help.


Workable is someone who is able to work every day for at least three hours. Those who are unable to help themselves (for example, by means of income or property) provide a means of subsistence for themselves and their families need help. Family members who live together with the petitioner in a single community of needs also have a claim for benefits. Common needs denote persons who live together and share a household. Each member of a community of needs is also expected to use their income and assets to meet the common needs of all members of a community of need. Who is not eligible for social assistance? The following persons cannot in principle be eligible for social assistance in accordance with the Second Code of Social Law: pensioners who already receive an old-age pension before they reach, retirement age, persons who have reached retirement age, foreigners who cannot get work permits, asylum seekers and refugees who are not eligible for long-term settlement. People who are fully employed for a long time, upon reaching their 18th birthday, persons who are short-term (completely) limited in employment, upon reaching the age of 18, who do not live together with one able-bodied family member.


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